At Fresh Fizz Sodas, we believe that you deserve products with real food ingredients, not lab-made 'flavors'. Our ingredient info is as follows:

  • Mint Lemonade

    Carbonated water, Lemon juice (from concentrate), Honey, Mint

  • Jalapeño Limeade

    Carbonated water, Lime juice (from concentrate), Honey, Jalapeño peppers

  • Hibiscus Ginger Ale

    Carbonated water, Honey, Lemon juice (from concentrate), Ginger, Hibiscus

  • Cherry Cola

    Carbonated water, Maple Syrup, Cherry juice (from concentrate), Bitter orange peel, Kola nut, Nutmeg

And here is where our ingredients come from:

We source juice concentrates from Greenwood Associates

We source honey from Dutch Gold Honey

We source fresh herbs from SupHerb Farms

And our spices come from Starwest Botanicals and Mountain Rose Herbs