The Fresh Fizz Story

Ever since I was younger I always enjoyed my occasional sodas, and when I say occasional I actually mean a few cans a day. I was always fascinated by how flavors were combined and made into something that everyone can enjoy. Fast forward a couple of years and I am happily married and started my little family. Just like my younger self, my family and I would enjoy our "occasional" sodas. It was then I started to notice that my wife and children would frequently feel ill and have stomach issues. We decided to stop drinking soft drinks and take a healthier approach and just drink water, and it didn't take long for me to get bored of it. That was when I had an idea. I thought to myself "Why can't I make my own soda?". So I started my research and found ingredients that not only taste good but can also help with several health issues. In my kitchen, I mixed mint, lemons, honey, and carbonated water. I felt just like a scientist with all the trial and error trying to perfect the drink and I finally made it. I created my first drink, Sparkling Mint Lemonade. Not only was it delicious, my wife and children all enjoyed it and didn't feel sick after drinking it for a few weeks. So I decided to make more flavors and one day my wife turned to me and asked if I was happy making these drinks, I answered "Yes". She followed by telling me "So pursue this happiness and share it with others" and that is how Fresh Fizz Sodas came to be.

Fresh Fizz Sodas President Yonasan Schwartz