What makes Fresh Fizz Sodas different

What makes Fresh Fizz Sodas different

There are a lot of sodas and other beverages on the market - what's different about Fresh Fizz Sodas?

Three main things - simple real food ingredients, incredible taste, and our approach to sweetness.

Ingredients - we use only real food ingredients, the kind you find in your kitchen. No extract, additives, preservatives, or even 'natural flavors'. The flavor in Fresh Fizz Sodas comes from fresh herbs, like mint, ginger, or jalapeno peppers.

Incredible taste - we pride ourselves on the unparalleled flavor of Fresh Fizz Sodas. Since our flavors come from real ingredients, not a laboratory, you can really taste the difference between Fresh Fizz Sodas and some of the other options you'd fine in the store.

Natural sweetness - we never use processed sugar, but we also don't use non-caloric sugar substitutes like stevia. We sweeten Fresh Fizz Sodas with just the right amount of honey for perfectly balanced refreshment. 

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